An introduction

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my podcast! This will be the first time producing a podcast for me, so please be gentle for me while I work out the kinks.

A little bit about me — my name is Jennifer Matarese, and I’ve been interested in disasters since I was ten years old and read “A Night to Remember” for the first time. Since then, I’ve collected books on disasters, watched every documentary on disasters which I could find, and even done research on a historical YA novel I’m currently writing with the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire as a plot point.

My plans for “Disaster Area” are to create a podcast in which I provide you with information on many varied types of disasters, everything from famous disasters such as the sinking of the Titanic and 9/11 to more personal disasters like mass shootings and murders, and even disasters not well known in this day and age like (for example) the Collinwood school fire. I plan to discuss what led up to the tragedy in question, the stories of victims and survivors both during and after the disaster, and what ramifications came as a result of the disaster.

I will say, for the record, that one thing I do NOT plan to do is give credence to any conspiracy theories regarding these disasters — for example, Sandy Hook truthers or the theory that the Olympic (Titanic’s sister ship) was sunk instead as part of an insurance scene. While I may address them as part of the podcast, the official story — at least in terms of investigations at the time or reliable analysis of the evidence since the disaster — will be what I will share with you.

I’ve only just decided to start this podcast, so please be patient. I will more than likely not be ready with the first episode for at least a week given my day job and the research required. I will also need to decide which disaster to address in episode one. Until then, please stay safe.

An introduction