An introduction

An Introduction

Hello, and welcome to my podcast! This will be the first time producing a podcast for me, so please be gentle for me while I work out the kinks.

A little bit about me — my name is Jennifer Matarese, and I’ve been interested in disasters since I was ten years old and read “A Night to Remember” for the first time. Since then, I’ve collected books on disasters, watched every documentary on disasters which I could find, and even done research on a historical YA novel I’m currently writing with the Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire as a plot point.

My plans for “Disaster Area” are to create a podcast in which I provide you with information on many varied types of disasters, everything from famous disasters such as the sinking of the Titanic and 9/11 to more personal disasters like mass shootings and murders, and even disasters not well known in this day and age like (for example) the Collinwood school fire. I plan to discuss what led up to the tragedy in question, the stories of victims and survivors both during and after the disaster, and what ramifications came as a result of the disaster.

I will say, for the record, that one thing I do NOT plan to do is give credence to any conspiracy theories regarding these disasters — for example, Sandy Hook truthers or the theory that the Olympic (Titanic’s sister ship) was sunk instead as part of an insurance scene. While I may address them as part of the podcast, the official story — at least in terms of investigations at the time or reliable analysis of the evidence since the disaster — will be what I will share with you.

I’ve only just decided to start this podcast, so please be patient. I will more than likely not be ready with the first episode for at least a week given my day job and the research required. I will also need to decide which disaster to address in episode one. Until then, please stay safe.

An introduction

4 thoughts on “An introduction

  1. DDdreamer says:

    Hey! Just wanted to thank you for some excellent documentaries! I work as a night shift paperboy and usually listen to Disaster Area while I work. Does make the shifts fly by.
    I think the way you lay things out are great and your attention all of these little details and key people makes for a real enjoyable listen. As a disaster nut myself this is just the kinda shit I’m down with. xD

    / D3


  2. Hey there, I think you are an undiscovered friend. I have recently started walking and got a bit tired of listening to just music…I have discovered podcasts! Your’s is excellent. Like you I have been fascinated with disasters since a young age. I read everything I can get my hands on and watch every disaster movie made. (Yes, 2012 was bad, Yes I loved it) I am also an avid reader, several books a week, but since I do not posses the skills to create the work I like, (Hey, someone has to be the reader) I am delighted to discover a “new” author to enjoy. Bottom line, love the podcasts, please keep them coming, and am looking forward to enjoying your books. Thanks for the entertainment…and thank you for keeping my mind off of how much I really don’t want to get out and go walking.


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