Movie Break: “The Poseidon Adventure”

Time for the fun stuff!

So last night I sat down, had a couple of hard root beers, and recorded the podcast’s first movie break. I decided to talk about “The Poseidon Adventure,” the book it was based on, the sequel, the remake, and the miniseries, not all of which were any good. “The Poseidon Adventure” is probably my favorite movie of all time, although I’ll admit it’s problematic and God knows it’s got its flaws. But it’s also the first of the ’70s disaster movies, and as a result arguably the first truly big disaster movie in the genre.

(Trigger warning for discussion of rape as a plot point in one part of the episode.)

Movie Break: “The Poseidon Adventure”

One thought on “Movie Break: “The Poseidon Adventure”

  1. Just discovered the podcast yesterday and have already listened to the Circus Fire & Eastland episodes – just marvellous! Great delivery, fascinating topics & really appreciate the depth and tempered approach to the storytelling.


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