Episode 6: The Station Nightclub Fire

Episode 6: The Station Nightclub fire
There are several books available should you want to read up on the disaster. The main source I used for the podcast was Killer Show by John Barylick. It’s a very thorough description of the events of that night, and the legal aspects following the disaster are well-covered since Barylick is a lawyer who represented victims and their families in the ensuing civil suits.

Another book you might want to check out is From the Ashes, written by Gina Russo and Paul Lonardo. Russo attended the Great White concert with her fiance Fred Crisostomi, who tragically died in the fire. Russo herself survived but with very serious burns.

The most important video regarding the fire is the concert footage captured by news photographer Brian Butler. The video is very disturbing to watch, and while it does not feature any serious burns or images of the dead, the sights and sounds of the fire are horrifying. Butler also filmed more pre-concert footage of the club which eerily features shots of what safety features the club had as part of a planned club safety story.

Tyco Fire Products produced a short documentary featuring interviews with survivors, rescuers, and victims’ families which includes Gina Russo, Linda Fisher, and Joe Kinan. Channel 12 also produced a memorial segment ten years after the fire which talks about the planned memorial at the sight as well as Ty Longley’s son, who has a charity called B.E.A.T.S. which donates things like drumsticks and practice pads to kids in hospital.

The Station Fire Memorial Foundation plans to build a memorial park on the site in memory of the 100 concertgoers who died there that day. You can donate to the cause or purchase items through the shop to support their efforts.

Episode 6: The Station Nightclub Fire