Episode 10: The Rhythm Club Fire

Sources for this episode were admittedly thin on the ground. I used many articles in the Natchez Democrat, the local newspaper, both published at the time of the fire and in recent years. Articles in the Chicago Defender were unable to be accessed online at the time of the recording of this episode.

The Rhythm Club Fire documentary is one of the best sources for information on the fire, although it is fairly bare-bones and none of the interviewees were at the club on the night of the fire. Otherwise it contains a lot of first-person accounts of Natchez at the time of the fire.

This two-hour interview with Thelma White, documentary director Bryan Burch, and others, features a great deal of discussion on the fire and its impact on the community and the country.

Musicians and songs mentioned in the episode can be found on Spotify:

1. Walter Barnes and the Royal Creolians
2. Howlin’ Wolf – “Natchez Burning”
3. John Lee Hooker – “Natchez Fire (Burning)”
4. Lewis Bronzeville Five – “Natchez Mississippi Blues”
5. Leonard “Baby Doo” Caston – “The Death of Walter Barnes”
6. Gene Gilmore – “The Natchez Fire”

Episode 10: The Rhythm Club Fire

Episode 9: Pacific Southwest Flight 1771

The main source of information for this podcast is the Air Crash Investigation episode, “I’m The Problem,” which can be viewed here. Another video which examines the crash along with several others is this Black Box episode. This flight simulation shows exactly how the flight behaved in its final moments per the information on the voice recorder.

In this New York Times article published only four days after the crash, the family of the man responsible speaks out. A Time article on the crash published in 2001 can be found here.

Episode 9: Pacific Southwest Flight 1771