Episode 15:The Bath School massacre

The Bath Massacre: America’s First School Bombing by Arnie Bernstein is an excellent book about the disaster which covers everything from the town itself to Andrew Kehoe’s life from its start to its end.

The other book written on the subject is The Bath School Disaster by Monty Ellsworth, a neighbor of Kehoe who knew him for many years. The book was written shortly after the disaster and while Ellsworth is no professional writer, he did a good job of gathering what information he could to produce the first book available to those curious about what happened in Bath.

A transcript of the coroner’s inquest into the death of Superintendent Emory Huyck is provided in full at the link. The inquest occurred the day after the disaster and has eyewitness accounts given quickly enough that the memories were still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Episode 15:The Bath School massacre

Episode 14: The Versailles wedding hall disaster

There are no documentaries or books about the Versailles wedding hall disaster, and unfortunately I was unable to locate the Israeli government report on the disaster online. However, due to the fact that it was such a notable disaster in the history of Israel, there are plenty of news stories available about the disaster.

This video shows the video footage of the disaster at the start and describes both the construction failures and the legal consequences to the owners and engineers.

This news clip features an interview with the bride’s father.

This video is in Hebrew but does feature video shot prior to the disaster of the wedding and party following the ceremony. It gives you an idea of just how much weight was on that floor prior to its collapse.

Lev Zahav by Sarit Hadad is the dance song playing in the video at the moment of the collapse.

This Associated Press video captures raw footage of the rescue efforts in the aftermath of the collapse. This video, also from the AP, records the first funerals in the days after the disaster. (There are more AP clips of related moments including court visits and memorials, which you find on YouTube as well.)

This is a list of some of the victims who died in the tragedy.

A Los Angeles Times article about the disaser published days later.

A Philly.com article on the collapse.

A BBC On This Day article on the event.

A USA Today article on the disaster.

This Haaretz article gives some details about the status of Pal Kal inspections going on throughout Israel in the tears since the Verailles disaster.

Episode 14: The Versailles wedding hall disaster

Episode 13: TACA Flight 110

(My apologies for not getting the story notes for this episode published sooner.)

The best resource for this episode was the Air Crash Investigation episode “Nowhere to Land.” There are multiple copies of the episode uploaded to YouTube, so if you search for the phrases “air crash investigation” and “nowhere to land,” you should find more than one copy you can watch. (I think that may be the best way to find a copy better than me linking to one of those copies, because you never know when those sorts of uploads will be taken down due to copyright violations or the like.) The episode itself gives a very good description of everything from the part of the flight where everything begins to go wrong to the later investigation itself.

Another source was this news clip from shortly after the incident. Captain Dardano is interviewed in this particular clip and shares the comment his copilot made following the miraculous landing.

Episode 13: TACA Flight 110