Episode 13: TACA Flight 110

(My apologies for not getting the story notes for this episode published sooner.)

The best resource for this episode was the Air Crash Investigation episode “Nowhere to Land.” There are multiple copies of the episode uploaded to YouTube, so if you search for the phrases “air crash investigation” and “nowhere to land,” you should find more than one copy you can watch. (I think that may be the best way to find a copy better than me linking to one of those copies, because you never know when those sorts of uploads will be taken down due to copyright violations or the like.) The episode itself gives a very good description of everything from the part of the flight where everything begins to go wrong to the later investigation itself.

Another source was this news clip from shortly after the incident. Captain Dardano is interviewed in this particular clip and shares the comment his copilot made following the miraculous landing.

Episode 13: TACA Flight 110

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