Episode 14: The Versailles wedding hall disaster

There are no documentaries or books about the Versailles wedding hall disaster, and unfortunately I was unable to locate the Israeli government report on the disaster online. However, due to the fact that it was such a notable disaster in the history of Israel, there are plenty of news stories available about the disaster.

This video shows the video footage of the disaster at the start and describes both the construction failures and the legal consequences to the owners and engineers.

This news clip features an interview with the bride’s father.

This video is in Hebrew but does feature video shot prior to the disaster of the wedding and party following the ceremony. It gives you an idea of just how much weight was on that floor prior to its collapse.

Lev Zahav by Sarit Hadad is the dance song playing in the video at the moment of the collapse.

This Associated Press video captures raw footage of the rescue efforts in the aftermath of the collapse. This video, also from the AP, records the first funerals in the days after the disaster. (There are more AP clips of related moments including court visits and memorials, which you find on YouTube as well.)

This is a list of some of the victims who died in the tragedy.

A Los Angeles Times article about the disaser published days later.

A Philly.com article on the collapse.

A BBC On This Day article on the event.

A USA Today article on the disaster.

This Haaretz article gives some details about the status of Pal Kal inspections going on throughout Israel in the tears since the Verailles disaster.

Episode 14: The Versailles wedding hall disaster

3 thoughts on “Episode 14: The Versailles wedding hall disaster

  1. stephen Kistner says:

    Another fantastic episode. One of my favorite podcasts. I am a teacher and really appreciate the research, style and detail you provide in your podcast. As my school was recently discarding books, moving to a more digital library, I came across a reference book called Disasters, Accidents and Crises in American History. It is fantastic, two page write ups on what had happened with a nice chart offering statistics of the event. I think this will give you great ideas for future casts, offer some great background information and jumping off point for your research and expose you and the listeners to disasters we may not have heard of. I checked on Amazon and the book can be purchased (used) for under $25. the book covers events from 1492-2005. Large encyclopedia size book of 430 pages (not including bibliography, index and a back of the book page listing the most deadly, expensive, etc. oh and also a discussion of disaster movies) I truly think the book will be invaluable to your show prep. Thank you again for putting out such a great podcast. I have posted the link to the amazon page below.



  2. Steven B says:

    The Lyrics to the Sarit Hadad Song because I thought they were appropriate / ironic considering the disaster.


    I don’t have money or a rich uncle
    I don’t have an old uncle to leave me inheritance
    I don’t have a shiny, big car
    because I’m this type of regular girl.

    I don’t have a house surrounded by a walled fence,
    I don’t have a pool in the yard,
    I don’t have a Garde robe and a fur coat,
    because I’m this type of regular girl.

    I have a golden heart, I have a golden heart
    and you and you so that you’ll love me.

    I don’t have a spoiled persian cat,
    I don’t have a part in my body that chokes me,
    and I don’t have crazy throttle style – florentine
    and I don’t have a short haircut with berlantine.

    I don’t have membership in a country club
    and I don’t have a boyfriend who’ll tell me: MY LOVE
    I don’t have a suite in the Hilton or the Dan
    because I’m this type of girl that belongs here.

    I have a golden heart, I have a golden heart
    and you and you so that you’ll love me.


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