Episode 15:The Bath School massacre

The Bath Massacre: America’s First School Bombing by Arnie Bernstein is an excellent book about the disaster which covers everything from the town itself to Andrew Kehoe’s life from its start to its end.

The other book written on the subject is The Bath School Disaster by Monty Ellsworth, a neighbor of Kehoe who knew him for many years. The book was written shortly after the disaster and while Ellsworth is no professional writer, he did a good job of gathering what information he could to produce the first book available to those curious about what happened in Bath.

A transcript of the coroner’s inquest into the death of Superintendent Emory Huyck is provided in full at the link. The inquest occurred the day after the disaster and has eyewitness accounts given quickly enough that the memories were still fresh in everyone’s minds.

Episode 15:The Bath School massacre

7 thoughts on “Episode 15:The Bath School massacre

    1. I’ll have to double-check my notes, but if I remember correctly I included Nellie Kehoe in that list, while a lot of counts I found only included those at the school who died. If I’m wrong, though, I’ll correct myself on the next episode. πŸ™‚


      1. Sean Labor says:

        I think the count of 45 does include Nellie. Wikipedia’s list includes her, 36 students and 2 teachers killed by the initial blast, Kehoe, the four other people killed by the truck explosion, and Beatrice Gibbs, the girl who died in August during surgery. The same website that has the coroner’s inquest does list 46 names, but one of these is a boy (Richard Fritz) who died on May 10, 1928 of myocarditis that may have been linked to his injuries; the number of injured would drop to 57 in that case.


      2. Ah! I went back to my notes and I see where the issue is. I normally do a breakdown of the dead and for some reason I didn’t that episode, which is usually when I go back and double-check the listing at the top of the episode. So it was more than likely a typo. I’ll add a correction to the start of the next episode. Good catch! πŸ™‚


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