Episode 17: Japan Airlines Flight 123

Seconds from Disaster and Air Crash Investigations both featured episodes on the crash.

This YouTube video is a flight simulator reenactment of the crash. (This user has an entire playlist of flight simulator reenactments of plane crashes.)

There is also a film adaptation of a play called “Charlie Victor Romeo” in which actors recreate cockpit voice recordings. JAL Flight 123 is one of these flights.

The Japanese transport ministry report is 333 pages long, so be ready for a long read with an extensive amount of detail if you like to read air crash reports like I do.

“Sukiyaki,” the international 1963 hit by Flight 123 victim Kyu Sakamoto. And the A Taste of Honey and 4 P.M. covers, for anyone curious.

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Episode 17: Japan Airlines Flight 123

Episode 16: The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire

This is the viral clip mentioned in the episode featuring old film footage of New York City.

Triangle: The Fire That Changed America, by David von Dreihle is a tremendous source of informationm on the fire and a wonderfully written book to boot.

American Experience: The Triangle Fire is an excellent episode of the PBS documentary series about the fire.

Remembering the 1911 Triangle Factory Fire is a great resource which includes about lots of recorded and written interviews with survivors years later, a list of victims and witnesses, a model of the ninth floor, and tons of other information.

In this video, former NY senator Serphin Maltese speaks of his grandmother and two aunts who all died in the fire and how the fire impacted both his own family and workplace safety in the years following.

This clip from “The Story of Us” portrays the Triangle Shirtwaist Fire.

A “History Center” clip about the fire.

Another clip from a documentary (part two of this), this one a longer documentary about the history of New York City.

Episode 16: The Triangle Shirtwaist factory fire