Episode 20: The 2010 Love Parade disaster

The video made by event organizers detailing the events leading up to the disaster and featuring a great deal of CCTV footage.

Concert footage of the closing line-up for Love Parade including artists Tiesto, Monika Kruse, and Tiefswartz. According to the footage and the schedule, Tiesto took the stage at 5:00 PM. As this footage is being taken, people are dying on the ramp. (NSFW warning for some shirtless shots of women in the crowd.)

This German documentary focuses on the aftermath of the disaster but particularly on Duisburg mayor Adolf Sauerland and the parents of victim Fabian Seitz. (This video does not have subtitles so you will need to use YouTube Translate, which is — to say the least — not the best translation tool.)

This article written in the days after the disaster lists the victims and what was known of them at that point.

A Spiegel article analyzing the possible causes of the disaster.

A timeline of the tragedy.

This page featuring concert information is specifically for the 2010 Love Parade. The most recent information regarding the festivities and ensuing tragedy is at the top, so as you scroll down you can see where the typical information about schedules, travel details, and lists of those performing changed into updates on the disaster.

A survey published in EPJ Data Science analyzing what caused the Love Parade disaster.

Episode 20: The 2010 Love Parade disaster

Episode 19: The Aberfan disaster

Aberfan: A Story of Survival, Love and Community in One of Britain’s Worst Disasters, written by survivor Gaynor Madgwick, is an excellent source in which Madgwick spoke with many people who were there on the day, presenting a fascinating look into the psychological effects of a disaster on a community.

Aberfan: The Untold Story is a great comprehensive documentary which covers the disaster and the investigation in the aftermath.

Surviving Aberfan is the documentary released for the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster. It features many interviews with survivors, rescuers, and families, many of whom have not been interviewed before.

Aberfan: The Green Hollow is a lovely dramatic film to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the disaster. Pant Glas (the name of the school destroyed by the collapse) means “green hollow” in Welsh. This is an incredibly well-done film which recreates the disaster with lots of beautiful camera shots and a fantastic cast.

A British Pathé newsreel of the disaster with footage of the rescue efforts.

An episode of the late-70s television show When Havok Struck about the disaster.

Episode 19: The Aberfan disaster

Episode 18: The Aggie Bonfire collapse

The official report on the collapse is the main source for this episode. It’s a really good read in that it’s not too dry, only sixty-two pages, contains some detailed graphics for people who need a more visual explanation, and really goes into every aspect of the disaster.

This map of the Texas A&M campus can help you navigate the important locations for this particular event. The memorial site — located in the spot where the 1999 Bonfire collapsed — is in the northeast by the Polo Fields. By clicking on the image you can get a brief description of the different parts which make up the Bonfire Memorial.

An episode of “In An Instant” focuses on the tragedy.

Local news coverage of the disaster.

An article detailing the Bonfire Memorial on the A&M campus.

“The Last Corp Trip”, the poem read before the burning of each Bonfire and now posted at the Bonfire Memorial.

Episode 18: The Aggie Bonfire collapse