Episode 25: The story of Marten Hartwell

Articles used as sources for this episode:

The Stompin’ Tom Connor song about Marten Hartwell. The song makes no mention of the cannibalism.

Episode 25: The story of Marten Hartwell

Episode 24: The Schoolhouse Blizzard

The Children’s Blizzard by David Laskin is a great book on the storm. It details the rough conditions settlers faced traveling all the way from Europe to the Great Plains, the Weather Bureau’s beginnings and methods, and the progress of the storm itself.

A short video of the blizzard which features some old photographs from the era.

A video from the FolkLorist on the blizzard.

Episode 24: The Schoolhouse Blizzard

Episode 23: The eruption of Mount St. Helens

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Eruption by Steve Olsen is an excellent book on the eruption which details how the eruption impacted everyone involved from the first rumblings on the mountain to the first tree planted in the aftermath.

The Seconds from Disaster episode on the eruption provides an excellent visual description of just how the eruption occurred. Each episode of Seconds from Disaster is a recommendation for any disaster you might be interested in because they not only give a detailed timeline for each disaster, but also give computerized simulations which show the disasters and their causes so you can see what happened. It’s great for those of us who like diagrams and pictures to help understand how disasters worked.

The Minute by Minute episode is also a great documentary to watch on the eruption.

A 30th-anniversary video looking at how things have progressed since the eruption in terms of natural recovery.

Amateur video from a few years ago which briefly shows where Spirit Lake is in relation to the mountain. Note how when the mountain comes into view, you can see that the landslide would have slid directly down the slope toward the lake.

Another amateur video, this one showing the mountain as viewed from the Johnston Observatory. In this video, you can see just how close volcanologist David Johnston would have been standing to the eruption given where the observatory bearing his name and built on the spot where he died is located.

A detailed map listing all of the victims who died due to the eruption and where they were located at the time it occurred.

Here are some interviews with Harry R. Truman, owner and operator of the Mount St. Helens lodge, who died in the blast. Interview #1, Interview #2 (at the start), Interview #3 (in photos rather than video, from an Oregonian interview)

Episode 23: The eruption of Mount St. Helens

Episode 22: Avianca Flight 52

The Air Crash Investigation is one you may have seen if you watch the show as religiously as I do, and is as frustrating to watch as it is to read about.

The ATC recording regarding Avianca Flight 52 is only from the side of the air traffic controller and does not include the discussions the flight crew are having in the cockpit. However, it does show that the first officer neither declares an emergency nor shows an undue amount of distress.

In a related link, the transcript of everything said by the flight crew, tower, and controller shows just how much discussion was going on in the cockpit, and how much was not being translated to those on the other end of the radio.

A news clip noting the 20th anniversary featuring the quote used at the start of the episode.

An article on the 20th anniversary of the crash.

This Time article contains details about the drug mules on board.

The “Lessons Learned” page for the crash on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website.

Episode 22: Avianca Flight 52

Episode 21: The Ecole Polytechnique massacre

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The coroner’s report contains a detailed timeline of the events of the shooting as well as of the arrivals of rescue personnel.

The “Fifth Estate” episode on the massacre.

Marc Lepine: The Montreal Massacre by RJ Parker is a volume in the Crimes Canada series and is available for free as a Kindle Unlimited book.

While not used as a source for this episode due to a lack of availability, Monique Lepine’s memoir Aftermath tells about the shooting’s impact on her and is used as a source for much for the personal information for the shooter on Wikipedia.

An article focusing on the survivors in the approach to the 20th anniversary of the shooting.

CityNews Rewind: The Montreal Massacre

An article speaking with survivors, particularly Nathalie Provost who confronted the shooter, on the 25th anniversary of the massacre.

Episode 21: The Ecole Polytechnique massacre