Episode 22: Avianca Flight 52

The Air Crash Investigation is one you may have seen if you watch the show as religiously as I do, and is as frustrating to watch as it is to read about.

The ATC recording regarding Avianca Flight 52 is only from the side of the air traffic controller and does not include the discussions the flight crew are having in the cockpit. However, it does show that the first officer neither declares an emergency nor shows an undue amount of distress.

In a related link, the transcript of everything said by the flight crew, tower, and controller shows just how much discussion was going on in the cockpit, and how much was not being translated to those on the other end of the radio.

A news clip noting the 20th anniversary featuring the quote used at the start of the episode.

An article on the 20th anniversary of the crash.

This Time article contains details about the drug mules on board.

The “Lessons Learned” page for the crash on the Federal Aviation Administration’s website.

Episode 22: Avianca Flight 52

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