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Episode 28: The Gothenburg discotheque fire

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Episode 27: The Carrollton bus collision

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Episode 26: Aeromexico Flight 498

9/11 Documentary List

I’ve been meaning to do this for a while on here — I’ve done this once before on my Tumblr — but what I’ve been wanting to do is make a nice long list of 9/11 documentaries to be found on YouTube which are not of a conspiratorial bent. If you like that sort of documentary, there are quite a few options available to you. Which, coincidentally is why I’m making this list — if that’s not your thing, it can be difficult to find regular documentaries among the conspiracy theories.

First of all, this is not a documentary, but I’d like to include it: September 11th 2001 in Real Time. This is audio and transcripts compiled by Rutgers Law Review of air traffic control, emergency personnel, military communications, and other recordings from the morning of September 11th.

Inside the Twin Towers features interviews with survivors and family members of victims as well as reenactments of the actions of those who lived through the day in the Twin Towers.

This Zero Hour episode looks at the final hour of Flight 11, which was one of the two planes which struck the Twin Towers that morning.

Voices from Inside the Towers looks at the phone calls people made from inside the towers that day.

Heroes of the 88th Floor looks at Frank DeMartini and Pablo Ortiz, who both worked together to help evacuate the north tower.

The Miracle of Stairwell B tells the story of the rescue personnel and survivors who lived through the second collapse because they were in the right place at the right time.

The Great 9/11 Hoax tells the story of hoax “survivor” Tania Head. While she was not a survivor, part of her scam involved pushing for those who survived 9/11 to get the attention and help they deserved after surviving such a traumatic event. (There’s another documentary about Head called The Woman Who Wasn’t There which I believe is still available on Netflix.)

I Survived … did an episode on 9/11 which covered both the events in New York and Washington, DC. I happen to adore the style and setup of I Survived … anyway, so this is one of my favorites.

A Tale of Two Towers is one I stumbled onto a while back even though I’d never heard of it before. It features interviews with people from two companies, one in each tower, who are all enormously easy to connect with.

Beyond 9/11: Portraits of Resilience is a beautifully shot documentary which features interviews with everyone from survivors and victims’ families all the way up to President Bush.

The Story of Flight 93 shows reenactments of what would have happened on Flight 93 along with interviews with family and friends of those who died on the plane.

This documentary of the ememergency workers and doctors working that day at the base of the towers and nearby hospitals takes a good look at an angle many documentaries ignore or simply miss entirely.

This documentary features interviews with the air traffic controllers who were speaking with and following the planes that morning, and then needed to help clear the skies in the aftermath.

Seconds from Disaster featured an episode on 9/11. (Actually, if you’re a disaster junkie and you haven’t watched Seconds from Disaster before, you can find nearly all of the episodes on YouTube. The same goes for Air Crash Investigations, for that matter.)

This PBS documentary on the 15th anniversary of the strike on the Pentagon aired a few months back, so even if you’ve seen a lot of 9/11 documentaries you may have missed this one. (I did.)

That’s not all of them, obviously, but fifteen should be more than enough for now. I can always do a second part to the list at a later date. 🙂

9/11 Documentary List