Episode 26: Aeromexico Flight 498

Shows used as sources for this episode:

Articles used as sources for this episode:

  • The NTSB report

  • Air Controller’s Nightmare: “I Lost An Airplane”: An article on Walter White, the air traffic controller who played a part in the collision.

  • Year After Air Crash : Survivors of Cerritos: No Easy Answer

  • California Jet Crash Led to Sweeping Changes

  • The Last Seconds and Aftermath of Flight 498

  • Collision in the “Birdcage”

  • Cockpit Voice Recorder Database page on the crash.

  • Cerritos plane crash 30 years ago: ‘You either died or you didn’t’

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Episode 26: Aeromexico Flight 498

One thought on “Episode 26: Aeromexico Flight 498

  1. David says:

    Something you might look into, and maybe not quite as emotionally taxing as most episodes, is the St. Louis military records Center fire. No one died, but a lot of history was lost there. It was amazing how quickly so much went up in flames, and how much has still never been recovered.
    Also think the wreck of the Sunset Limited train was an interesting disaster.


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