Episode 62: The Tenerife disaster


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Episode 62: The Tenerife disaster

One thought on “Episode 62: The Tenerife disaster

  1. Chris Owens says:

    Very interesting pod. Amazing to hear one of the planes was hijacked on the way. If you didn’t figure this out yet, it might be useful for you in the future: runways are numbered by compass heading divided by 10, so if there’s a runway 30, that’s compass 300 degrees, or 60 degrees west of due north. Then it becomes clear that same runway approached from the opposite end is 300 minus 180 degrees: 120 degrees, or runway 12. Another handy factoid is that jet fuel is just very pure kerosene, so if you know there’s 14,000 gallons but you want the weight in pounds, you can look up the density of kerosene to find 95,480 lbs. 🙂 🙂


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